Hey, you little Rebel!


I want you to picture me doing a little happy dance right now, because if you’re here, reading this, then I’m celebrating you!!

The fact that you’re here means that you’ve not only done the Rebel Quiz but you’ve also bought the Rebelution Guide and that tells me that you’re READY to explore showing up as your FULL, UNAPOLOGETIC self.

To honour your brilliance, and keep the momentum of your rebel journey moving in the right direction I have a super special Black Friday offer for you…

Rebel Yell Club | Emma Shaw

Become a VIP member of the Rebel Yell Club by midnight on 29th November, and you can lock in discounted membership for as long as you remain a member.


Normally £47,

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£33.00 per month

I’m driven by being able to provide you with an experience and opportunity for the kind of growth you’d normally pay thousands for. Rebel Yell is a community – a family – where we learn and grow together and get access to incredible people and resources that help us do that, affordably. And all in the name of becoming and celebrating who you truly are.

At Rebel Yell Club, we do REAL, PRACTICAL things that actually make a difference.

Becoming a Rebel Yell Club VIP means you’ll get access to exclusive support including:


  • Expert masterclasses and high impact self-mastery shots that will quickly power you towards your own rebellious destiny, with low time commitment but super-high impact ways.
  • Community Coaching to work through life-blocking stuff you need help with, in a dedicated supportive and safe environment.
  • Supportive Community who will love, support, and encourage you to be exactly who you are, without judgement.