Rebel Yell Club | Lisa

Lisa Avins

Fun and wisdom beautifully combined. A woman who knows her own mind and has a heart the size of the universe.

“You don’t always have to be the loudest voice in the room” I have heard this so many times and my rebel inside was shrinking until……..I embraced my rebel! Yes I am loud and gregarious but I’ve learnt not to suppress that anymore because I have value to add to people and my biggest passion is supporting people to be their true self. I will bring loudness and a smile to everything and everyone and this is why I am proud to call myself a rebel.

Rebel Yell Club | Lisa

Paul Harris

A man who understands exactly how to live in love over fear. An inspiration every day.


Rebel Yell Club | David

Tracey O'Raw

Gorgeous inside and out, this lovely human is being herself unapologetically every day.

“I spent so long hiding behind a loud person because I had no idea who I really was. After 40 years, I know who I am and every day I am unapologetically me. I am who I am and what I am is awesome! Rebellion to me is pushing back on societies expectations and be who I want to be. I was always told they broke the mold when they made me; you’re god damn right they did!”

Rebel Yell Club | Lisa

Jamie Denyer

AKA The SpeaKING Beast! Giver of hope and resilience and never compromising on his authenticity.

Rebel Yell Club | Lisa

Rachel Almgren

A shining example of someone learning to be who they really are, no matter how scary it can be.

Rebel Yell Club | David

Nadia Martelli

Working hard every day to be themselves regardless of adversity. 

“Rebellion, to me, is never being ashamed of all that I am. I embrace my differences and rise to Society’s daily challenges, always looking to push the boundaries. By being my true self, unapologetically, I grow and learn, and hopefully help others to do the same.”

Rebel Yell Club | Lisa

Cheryl Speight

A powerhouse of a human, with enthusiasm for live and full of deeply authentic verve.


Rebel Yell Club | David

Phil 'Grinc' Grisewood

Proper good, genuine bloke who is discovering how to become the master of his own destiny, doing things that bring him joy.