Hi there. I’m Emma, aka, Chief Rebel.

I am the leader of a merry bunch of Rebels, supported by an amazing team of Master Rebels. Rebel Yell was born as a concept, through my natural resistance to conforming with silly, unnecessary ‘rules’ in life.

People tell me all the time that my passion for this cause overflows from me and is really contagious. I feel really lucky to have found my calling. My purpose. My mission. And I’m now also privileged to help others do the same

If you want to put me in a category (urrghh, I wanna resist this!), I’m a transformation coach, a community and membership leader, an entrepreneur… and many other things.

My work is life for me. It’s beautifully integrated in all that I do. Because I’m all of me in all that I do.

But outside of the Rebel Yell stuff, I’m a singer, a creative type, an auntie, a communicator, an intuitive empath and a bit ‘alternative’ in other ways (but that’s a whole other conversation).

I love movies, chocolate and the simple joy of laughter. I have an incredible social circle, amazing family and a great team around me. I also have a deeply spiritual life. And I live in Cheshire with my little fuzzy pooch, Percy.



Rebel Yell Club | Emma Shaw 2

I’ve had a fairly normal personal history; normal career, secure and loving childhood, played by all the usual rules… But a few insightful people throughout my life have told me I’m a bit different. And I’ve always known there was something in me that was dying to get out,

to express itself,

to be free.

It took me 40 years to realise that thing was ME! I spent most of my life frustrated that I was being told to conform, to dial myself down, to be smaller. Most of that was from working for two decades in corporate world and getting toxified and stifled by what I call the Corporate Sludge.

I escaped the Career Cage in 2016 and started to run my own business. But I realised after a while I was still playing by someone else’s rules.

And my god, do I resist rules! I even resist my OWN rules! I am a natural rebel. But perhaps not in the traditional way. There are lots of things I conform to. I’ve never parked illegally for example!

But the unnecessary rules about how we should be as quiet, conforming humans are ones I will always challenge if they feel unfair, unrealistic or unhelpful – to the point where I end up causing myself heartache. I’m working on this!

In 2020, through a nudge from ‘elsewhere’, I started a Facebook community called Rebels & Rulebreakers, If I’m honest, at the time, I had no idea why. I just did it.

And it went off! Skip to 6 months later and I had over 700 people in there, and I realised this was something very significant. There are so many people out there, especially in the wake of 2020, that are questioning who they are, what they want from life and whether they’re really stepping up into their true, authentic selves.

Now, Rebels & Rulebreakers is a thriving, growing free community and there’s an even more thriving membership – Rebel Yell Club.

Rebel Yell is a place where people can access the kind of benefits that would normally come with a really high price tag, but is actually a very affordable monthly fee – and they’ve become a family; a glorious, unapologetic group of diverse humans that are doing amazing work to make a life on their terms, in whatever form that takes.

Some may even call them misfits! However, they’d describe themselves, they’re rebelling against the inner and outer constraints that are stopping them from being authentic, free and fulfilled.


Let’s talk about this word ‘rebellion’. What is it?

Well in my world, it might mean something different to the usual interpretation. To me, it’s being who you are fully and unapologetically. It’s not raging against the machine. It’s not constantly being in battle with something or someone.

It’s being WHO YOU ARE, and accepting OTHERS as who they are.

It’s being prepared to be EVERYTHING you are, regardless of what others think.

It’s learning to LET GO of the approval of the world and STAND FIRM in your own skin.

It’s bringing TOLERANCE, RESPECT and LIGHT to every situation possible, in the face of the fear of others.

But most of all, it’s learning to LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

So whether it’s a quiet squeak, or a deafening roar, let out your REBEL YELL and do it with pride!

And maybe come join our Rebel Yell family to celebrate you even more 😉

“Emma is a fantastic coach and anyone who works with her will feel uplifted, enlightened and empowered”

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