Rebel Yell Club | Emma Shaw

Are You Ready To ReAlign & Rise?


These messages, and more, are cries that I hear from clients all the time. And things that don’t get solved unless you get right to the heart of what’s REALLY going on.

ReAlign & Rise is DEEPLY transformative in QUICKLY getting to the core of exactly who you are and what truly drives you. We create a personally ‘CODED’ formula that will unlock your mojo, once and for all.

What exactly is ReAlign & Rise?

It’s a highly effective formula that I walk you through, step by step, that draws out deeply embedded elements of you that both drive and disable your life. By doing this you can start to pre-programme the inner you, which in turn, transforms your outer world into whatever you want it to be.

What will ReAlign & Rise do for me?


This programme has had INCREDIBLE effects and many differing effects on people. It’s helped them:


Get back in touch with who they are and stop doing things they feel obliged to do but make them feel unhappy

Transformed relationships

Given them levels of confidence and flow that they never had before

Heightened their intuition and “inner sat-nav” to help them make absolutely the right decisions for them.

Brought out deeply embedded “disablers” that have held them back all their lives

Dialed up what they REALLY want in life and eradicated the stuff that makes them feel bad

And much much more


How Do You Do It?


I’ve developed formula where I work with you one-to-one (or in very small, trusted groups) to focus on 3 key elements:

  • Ellicit: We draw out the deepest inner drivers we can possibly get to, to understand what really makes you tick.

  • Establish: Using what we discover, we then establish your highest and lowest values that either drive or disable you.
  • Enable: We create a set of ‘parameters’ that will Enable you to live a self-empowered life and Disable the things that hold you back.

How Long Will It Take?

There’s a self-lead exercise for you to do in preparation – this takes anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the individual.

Then I dedicate three immersive hours with you, usually split into 2 x 1.5 hour sessions.

What Is The Investment?

It’s just £397 for the entire process.

That’s it.

PLUS doing this work will also entitle you to a BIG discount on Rebel Yell Club membership.