Never accept the status quo, just because the status quo is to accept”

Emma Shaw, Chief Rebel

How many times in your life have you felt squashed or stifled? Been asked to compromise or dial down who you are? Felt like you can’t be your full self?

I hear ya. I was boxed well into that trap for years. This is exactly why Rebel Yell exists. I’m on a mission to help people be their FULL and UNAPOLOGETIC selves. So they can be happy, fulfilled and play by their own rules.

In Rebel Yell, we give people access to what would normally be high priced, premium level coaching and learning, at a really affordable monthly fee. You get Guest Rebel Expert Masterclasses every month, powerful self-mastery coaching programmes, super-charged community coaching calls and much, much more.

So whether it’s a quiet squeak, or a deafening roar, let out your REBEL YELL and do it with pride!



Rebels & Rulebreakers

“I’m not scared to be seen. I make no apologies. This is me” (Justin Paul/Benj Pasek)

To those who quietly or loudly break from the norms, swerve the status quo and generally say “f**k that!” to society’s nonsense rules. This is your FREE community where you can be who you are, unapologetically.


Rebel Yell VIP

Level up to Incredi-Rebel VIP status and join our loving and fiercely supportive community for some real transformational gold that will change your life.

Learn to be EVERYTHING you are, and stop apologising for it. To LET GO of the approval of the world and STAND FIRM in your own skin. To become a master of your own destiny and LOVE WHO YOU ARE.


Rebel Inspire for SMEs

Are you the leader of a rebellious company? Do you do business in a way that’s truly different from the rest. Ever worry that you might get sucked into the herd if you’re not careful? Want some unique, real-talk, laser-focused leadership coaching and people development that will move you forward and keep you ahead of the curve?

Rebels & Rule Breakers

“I can’t thank you enough for being here. R&R is a brilliant concept and I love the ideas that flow. No longer am I ashamed of being myself.”

Rebel Yell Club

“These aren’t just master classes, they’re thought leadership sessions. This isn’r run of the mill self-development; this is roll your sleaves up, get down, dirty and real with it.”

Recode Your Reality

“Emma is a fantastic coach and anyone who works with her will feel uplifted, enlightened and empowered”

Rebels & Rule Breakers

“Something in the magic of the group, not only gives you a voice, it gives you volume”

Rebel Yell Club

“It’s life-changing, amazing – just making me think about everything in a real positive way. It’s fun, positive stuff. Not people questioning each other, being negative. No drama. It’s so refreshing”.

Recode Your Reality

“The Recode programme has turned everything around for me. I hadn’t been happy with my life for a long time but now I’ve got purpose and I’m actually making important things happen and loving it!”

Rebels & Rule Breakers

“This group has given me life during lockdown”

Rebel Yell Club

“It’s addictive. You’re helping people live their best life. I’m so, so excited about what’s to come.”

Recode Your Reality

“Having been coached by Emma personally I can honestly say she’s the best I’ve ever seen!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I spend money on Rebel Yell when there’s a free group?

Good question. There’s absolutely tons of value in the Rebels & Rulebreakers Facebook group. But with all the best will in the world, I’m unable to give everyone the kind of benefits I can give Rebel Yell VIPs as it’s just too large a group. 

What Rebel Yell gives you is access to what would normally be premium rate, high-ticket coaching and personal development that would cost you much, much, much more. Add to that, the incredible goodwill in the community and you’ve got a very high value membership at a rate that is much lower than it’s really worth.

Is there a minimum term contract?

Nope! I don’t believe anyone wants to be tied into anything if they don’t need to be. It’s a rolling month-to-month thing, and you have the power to control this. This means you can try it and see how well it works for you.

 Remember, the price you join us at STAYS THE SAME FOR LIFE, for as long as you’re a continuous member. If you cancel and re-join at any point, the price may well be higher.

Do I have to be loud and vocal and super-confident to be part of this?

Nah! We’re all human and Rebel Yell Club is a diverse bunch. You can be right upfront on all our activities if you like, or lurk in the background taking it all in at your own pace – entirely up to you!

What if I would like 1:1 coaching?

There’s always that option available to you. As Rebel Yell member you get priority and VERY discounted access to 1:1 sessions with me. I have a number of different options for that, and I also have a flagship transformational programme called Recode Your Reality.

If you’d like to discuss, feel free to book in for a chat.

What kind of people are in The Club? What if I don’t think I’m a Rebel?

Rebellion in our world is about being everything you are, unapologetically. It’s not about causing trouble for no good reason. Or being a fighter. In fact, there’s lots of rules I abide by all the time. Ones I feel benefit me and others.

 But its those inner restrictions you put on yourself and outer expectations the world has of you that we’re learning to let go of here. And we’re learning new ways that are helpful and empowering instead. Who doesn’t fancy a bit of that kind of rebellion?

Where do you hang out? I’m trying to get away from Facebook.

I’ve got good news and great news – Rebel Yell is completely separate from Facebook. It even has is own app, hosted by Mighty Networks. And you don’t even have to login every time! (It’s available on desktop too by the way)

 We have lots of members who want to reduce their Facebook time, which is understandable. It can be great for community but not so much for providing a private, clean, dedicated space for growth and in-depth exploration of some of the things we do. Using Mighty Networks means you can come in and out of the community whenever you like and not worry that it’ll all get drowned in the rest of the social media noise.

What kind of things do you learn about together?

So much! We’ve had a diverse and amazing range of Guest Rebel Experts running masterclasses on anything from Discovering Your Superpowers to Queer Queries, to Mastering Freedom, to Overcoming Overwhelm to The Art of Saying No to Harnessing the Power of Nutrition, The Science of Anti-Aging, a Rebellious Sleep workshop… and SO MUCH MORE!

On top of this, you get a very high value Rebel Self-Mastery modules every month (worth lots of money in their own right). Each month features easy-to-absorb, but highly impactful and practical elements that will catapult you towards a rebellious future that YOU decide on. We take a deep drive into areas such as saying no to things that make you unhappy, learning to love and live fully as who you really are, reducing life drama, detaching from people-please and the approval of others, empowering value systems, resilience, forgiveness, rebellious relationships, money-mindset and even business.


Work with me 1:1 to get out of the toxic Corporate Sludge, and create a FREE RANGE LIFE on your terms. I’ll help you to escape the Career Cage by reprogramming your inner world so you can RECODE your outer world and live the life you really want.

I am your escape plan. Your exit strategy. The bad influence you’ve been waiting for. 😉